I will add this page on the web site for those who have questions. I will try to answer all the questions that I have had in the past to give you a clear view on how I work.

Questions & Answers

Can I pay with the card?

Yes, you can pay with the card, VISA and Master Card.
Why did you moved from the city centre to El Limonar with La Pausa?

A lot of my clientele is coming from this area and my new place is an oasis of peace and rest. For me to be able to do my work and give you even a better treatment.

Why do you work with Decleor?

During the years I have worked with a lot of different brands and one of my favourites was Sisley and Kanebo. Now because these more costly brands I decided to work with Decleor because it has a very well balance in a price and quality. It has been like my first love and since the day I started with Decleor in Holland I was hooked. I like the variety and that they are in harmony with nature, looking for innovation and standing for being professional.

How many times do I need a treatment?

That depends on what kind of treatment you have. In the most ideal world you would have a treatment every three weeks, but not everybody can afford that! Every six weeks would be fantastic for your skin and well being, however there is no pressure at all. Maybe you would like to go for the seasonable treatments; Deep Cleansing in Spring, Deep Moisturise in Summer, The Destress in the Fall and the Nutritive Treatment in the Winter. I have a great respect for your busy time schedule and there will be no pressure from my side.
Are the treatments alright for my sensitive skin?

All products are very soft, soothing and tender. We don’t use alcohol in products or aggressive acids. For those skins that are extremely sensitive there’s a special treatments that is focused on calming the skin and is called “Harmonie Calm” in the 1H30 treatment and the “Rose d’orient” in the 1H00 treatment.

Are you going to leave me alone for 20 minutes when you will put my mask on?

No, 1 hour, 1,5 hour or 2 hours will mean that exact time in treatment. If you are getting the mask on you can choose for a aromatic hand, arm massage, foot massage or scalp massage.

Will you be constantly talking about products that I need to buy?

Absolutely not. If you are happy with Nivea’s blue jar and using that for ages, that’s fine by me. I only will give a brief explanation when I apply products during the treatments to inform you what it will do for your skin and why I’m using it.

Will I get a greasy skin?

Not at all. Please inform me before the treatment if you like to have a mat finish. Either way your skin will feel very clean, fresh and glowing.

Do I have to arrive without make up?

This is not necessary. I will always do a general cleansing, so if you are coming straight from work I will do your cleaning and you don’t have nothing to worry about.

Can I have a facial treatment before I go to a special event?

You can have that most certainly! Some women fear a red skin and spots but this is as a matter fact: the day after is the best result of your treatment! So if you have a wedding to go to, a feast, anniversary or first date (!), blow everybody away with your radiant skin!

Do you do waxing?

No, I don’t do waxing of the body. This is an exclusive salon for aromatic treatments. However in the facial treatments I will remove unwanted hair from upper lip and chin, like there’s also eyelash and eyebrow tinting possible.

Will you make my wrinkles disappear?

No, I’m not fairy-godmother! There is a difference in taking care of your skin and apply that to your skin to condition the skin. Take in mind that creams that will give you an instance “botox” effect will contain chemicals, parabens and a good amount of con-servants. Our skin is the biggest organ of our body and everything that we apply can be molesting to our glandular, our liver, kidneys…even our minds.
I will have special treatments that will improve the elasticity with Corn, Seiko and Serene, Iris to correct wrinkles, Jojoba and Manteca de Karat to firm the skin profoundly.