In a world bombarded by screens, a digitalización of life, human touch has become a rare gem. At La Pausa, the power of touch has always been at the essence of everything I do. I am Annelien owner of La Pausa and professional aesthetician that have mastered the power of touch, applying expert techniques massaging with my hands, facial contour exercises and sculpting rituals that induce relaxation, energy flow and ultimate well-being. I have treated thousands of people over the last 20 years working through spa treatments, and immersive experiences.

La Pausa Spa treatments are with Natura Bissé, an exclusive skincare brand that won two prices of recognition for excellence. These rituals are a lovely treat and a perfect gift for someone special. These premium treatments are offered only in selected spas and beauty salons, including the celebrity favourite the Four Seasons Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills, USA.

I also work with the French brand Decleor known for it delicious aromatherapy treatments.

La Pausa City Spa was recommended by Marie Claire in 2019 as one of best beauty salons on the Costa del Sol.





Let your skin take a deep breath. Natura Bisse’s Oxygen products and treatments instantly induce purity, freshness and vigour, leaving your skin with a pleasant energising boost. Take a deep breath, and let your skin take one too. It’s addictive.

75 min. 72,- Euros


Light up your day… Immerse your skin in the antioxidant power of a vitamin C spa treatment. These nutrient-rich sensorial facials and body rituals restore vitality to sun damaged skin and help minimise the signs of premature ageing. The perfect choice to recover skin firmness, improve luminosity, fight dark spots and increase elasticity while pampering yourself with a delicate blend of Mediterranean scents.

75 min. 90,- Euros

3D Collagen Shock

Unprecented firmness and suppleness… Enjoy the world, feel the enchanting quality of this collection, and reveal incredibly suppler, firmer and plumper skin with these innovative, restoring spa treatments. Masterful rituals designed to provide an outstanding lifting effect while noticeably reducing wrinkles and expression lines.

60 min. 90,- Euros

3D Collagen Shock

Unprecented firmness and suppleness… Enjoy the world, feel the enchanting quality of this collection, and reveal incredibly suppler, firmer and plumper skin with these innovative, restoring spa treatments. Masterful rituals designed to provide an outstanding lifting effect while noticeably reducing wrinkles and expression lines. Including back massage and Kobido Lift massage.

90 min. 110,- Euros


A true detox for stressed skin… These treatments are an antidote to the ravaging effects of the modern lifestyle on our skin: they counteract the damage of stress, external aggressions and lack of sleep, which dull your complexion and accelerate ageing. A new spa concept that cleanses, purifies and detoxes while providing an immediate state of well-being.

60 min. 75,- Euros

Carboxi Express

Instant renewal for your skin. Showing off pure, glowing skin is quick and easy with this amazing express treatment.

30 min. 55,- Euros


Diamond Life Infusion Ritual

This revolutionary experience provides unprecedented rejuvenating action by regulating the 4 key skin-ageing biomarkers. This intensive, comprehensive treatment results in firmer, more luminous and visibly younger looking skin. Redefines your facial contour, improves skin texture and fades wrinkles and expression lines in just one session. As an added benefit this treatment includes a relaxing hand and foot massage. 

For dull, ageing skin

90 min. 140,-

Diamond Lifting Multi-Sensorial

A genuine multi-sensory cosmetic lift and a first in the world of beauty developed to regenerate and energise the skin. This treatment is a combination of sophisticated active ingredients with extraordinary rejuvenating properties that penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin, providing it with the firmness necessary to stimulate unprecedented regeneration. It reinforces the skin’s natural defence system, maintains a long-lasting hydration level and improves elasticity. This treatment also includes a sensual hand and foot massage. 

For ageing, sagging skin

90 min. 155,-

Inhibit Face Lift

It’s a proven alternative or complement to medical aesthetic procedures, especially Botox.

Immerse in this indulgent 60 minute session. The treatment starts with a master cleansing ritual and a deep exfoliation, followed by a definitive energetic massage procedure with our Activating Facial Brush, increasing microcirculation and preparing the skin for Inhibit anti-wrinkle ultra concentrate with relaxing neuropeptides and a repairing and hydrating mask with filling effect from hyaluronic acid.

The result: renewal, firming, brightness, and an instant, powerful tightening effect coupled with exceptional hydration.

For sagging and dehydrated skin.

60 min. 110,-

Diamond Cocoon Experience

This facial reverses the effects of modern pollution and stress, feeds the skin and gives it back its power, glow and vitality.

It is a revitalising and detoxifying treatment for both the mind and the body. Thanks to an infusion of powerful ingredients applied using enveloping massage techniques, skin glows with renewed health and beauty. This innovative treatment is based on three pillars: to liberate the skin from impurities. Fortify the skin from within with a super concentrated prebiotic that balances the microbiota: a balm mask applied using an incredible white jade massage to repair stressed skin & lastly to shield with an invisible veil to protect the skin from pollutant particles and free radicals. This facial is perfect for dull, sensitive, stressed skin.

Stressed, dull and sun damaged skin.

75 min. 105,-


Kobido Japanese Lift Massage

Rescue sagging, tired skin with this lifting facial which works on signs of ageing to leave cheeks and jawline firmed, volumised and luminous. This lifting facial will leave skin revitalised, firmed and luminous. This is a relaxing and nourishing facial treatment. 

90 min. 112,-

AROMAPLASTIE – 100% natural

Strengthening & resetting face treatment. The very 1st Decleor bespoke treatment created that brings out your complexion’s natural beauty. The face is perfectly replenished and glowing with vitality, thanks to essentials oil and an instant blend of flaxseed, sunflowers and wheat vitamins-rich. This is a decongesting and resetting facial treatment. 

60 min. 72,- Euros


Rescue clogged, oily skin and soothe your imperfections with this purifying facial to leave the skin renewed, soothed & mattified. This purifying facial will treat excess sebum and imperfections, leaving the skin renewed, mattified and cleared. This is a anti-imperfection and rebalancing facial treatment. 

60 min. 72,- Euros

Harmonie Calm

Rescue red. And irritated  skin with this soothing facial to leave skin even, smoothed and more resilient to external aggressions. This soothing facial will reduce redness, calm & soothe the skin. This is an anti-redness and soothing facial treatment. 

60 min. 72,- Euros


All treatments are exclusively for women only. Thank you for understanding. 


Top to toes body massage treatment with professional gestures that release tensions and boost body’s energy thanks to customised essential oils. This is a pure relaxing and nourishing treatment for the body.

90 min. 100,- Euros


This deep tissues massage powered by bamboo gestures helps you release muscle tensions and the Eucalyptus essential oil inside the balm stimulates your skin to repair. This is an anti-tension and tonifying body massage treatment. 

60 min. 80,- Euros


Refining & soften with grapefruit that will smooths the body thoroughly detoxifies. This exfoliating ritual removes every last trace of fatigue and gently whisks away dead skin cells thanks to enveloping and exfoliating application techniques. 

60 min. 85,-


Energising Eucalyptus body treatments that is an anti-fatigue and tonifying body treatment. Delight your senses with a trip to an island unlike any other: Madagascar. This energising body ritual celebrates what makes one of the world’s largest islands so special with each of its application techniques, paying homage to the country’s varies terrain, wide variety of climates, rich vegetation, unique fauna, and wonderful culture. Each movement tells a story. Enjoy the journey. (1 hour)

60 min. 85,- Euros


This global body sculpting massage applies deep rolling and kneading techniques to smoothes orange-peel skin and targets localised roundnesses, for a tonic, firm and toned body shape. This body massage will thoroughly detoxifies the body and treats the orange peel skin. 

60 min. 85,- Euros


30 min. 40,- Euros


45 min. 50,- Euros


Citrus treatment for the hands (only in combination with a facial treatment)

32,- Euros


Citrus treatment for the feet (only in combination with a facial of body treatment)

35,- Euros



Deep relaxing body massage inspired by Shiatsu method to release stress and strain. The body is detoxified and stimulated, the skin is soft and nourished thanks to professional balm expertly blended from natural essential oils. This is a balancing and relaxing body massage, anti-stress and rejuvenating facial to finish. 

90 min. 135,- Euros


Body exfoliating scrub with bamboo and vitamin C followed by a St Tropez self tan.  

60 min. 80,- Euros


60 min. 75,- Euros