For all your questions…

Can I book an appointment during the lockdown in Spain?

Yes, you can book an appointment as I will send you a signed “Permiso de circulación” what you can show to the police if being asked where you are traveling to. 

To ensure a safe and COVID19 free working place I will work with the following rules:

🌿 Wear a face mask

🌿 Wash hands thoroughly and use hand cleanser before and after each treatment

🌿 Change towels washed 90 degrees

🌿 Work in an absolute clean working place

💳 Can I pay with the card? 

Yes, you can pay with the card, VISA and Master Card.


Why do you work with Decleor?

For 17 years I’m working in high cosmetics therefor trained in a lot of commercial cosmetics such as Chanel, Lancôme, Estée Lauder, La Prairie, Sisley, Guerlain, Shiseido, Clarins and many more.

For more than 10 years I’m working with Decleor with special salon products. I like to work with Decleor because it is natural and got some lovely fragrances. Soon we will also work with Carita to push the limits of cosmetics and offer clients outstanding beauty results.


How many times do I need a treatment?

That depends on what kind of treatment you have. In the most ideal world you would have a treatment every three weeks, but that is luxury indeed. Every six weeks would be very good for your skin and well being. It is optional to go for the seasonable treatments; Deep Cleansing in Spring, Deep Moisturiser in Summer, The De stress in the Fall and the Nutritive Treatment in the Winter. 


Are the treatments alright for my sensitive skin?

All products are very soft, soothing and tender. We don’t use alcohol in products or aggressive acids. For those skins that are extremely sensitive there’s a special treatments that is focused on calming the skin and is called “Harmonie Calm” in the 1H30 treatment and the “Rose d’orient” in the 1H00 treatment.


Are you going to leave me alone for 20 minutes when you will put my mask on?

No, 1 hour, 1,5 hour or 2 hours will mean that exact time in treatment. If you are getting the mask on you can choose for an aromatic hand, arm massage, foot massage or scalp massage.


Will you be constantly talking about products that I need to buy?

No, my focus is on you having a relaxing treatment. If you like to have some advice I can give you that after the treatment.


Will I get a greasy skin?

Not at all. Please inform me before the treatment if you like to have a mat finish. Either way your skin will feel very clean, fresh and glowing.


Do I have to arrive without make up?

This is not necessary. I will always do a general cleansing, so if you are coming after work at the office I will do your cleansing for you and you don’t have anything to worry about.


Can I have a facial treatment before I go to a special event?

You can have that most certainly! Some women fear a red skin and spots but this is as a matter fact: the day after is the best result of your treatment! So if you have a wedding to go to, a feast, anniversary or first date (!), blow everybody away with your radiant skin!


Do you do waxing?

In the facial treatments I will remove unwanted hair from upper lip and chin, like there’s also eyelash and eyebrow tinting possible. On the body waxing is possible but only in a package deal. Have a look at the price list for more information. For a Hollywood or Brazilian bikini wax please have a look at beauty center ‘Depiline’ as their team of specialist are very good in providing these services. 


Is it a unisex salon?

No, I am very sorry. The treatments are only for women. 


Do you have semi permanent nail varnish (No chip) in your salon? 

Yes, I work with CND Shellac and you can choose in between a regular nail varnish or a 14 day wear one.

Do you give treatments for couples or big groups?

However I feel flattered by so many requests for this I can’t help you with that. These treatments are for one person at the time possible. Only with 1 hour facials I could work on two women. Please have a look at the ‘essential’ facial treatments on the pricelist. 


For appointments call: 673 597 456